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Nucleotide-activated saccharides

Saccharides for Your Research

In addition to the simple monosaccharides L-Fucose and Sialic acid, Jennewein Biotechnologie offers selected nucleotide-activated sugar molecules such as GDP‑Fucose and CMP-Sialic acid for research and development purposes.

Many different functional fucosylated glycans can be synthesized using GDP-Fucose. Fucosylated compounds can be used to treat cancer, as biomimetics to suppress asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and for the production of active glyco-conjugated drugs with enhanced bioactivity and stability. GDP-Fucose is the substrate for fucosyltransferases, enzymes that catalyze the linkage of L-Fucose to other sugars or even proteins. These enzymes are specific in terms of their substrate and the type of linkage they create.

Sialic acids are usually found at the terminal positions of glyco-conjugates and are involved in many biological functions, reflecting their exposed position and their negative charge. Sialic acids are often found in mammalian and bacterial oligosaccharides linked by α‑glycosidic bonds, but they do not occur naturally in plant cells. Sialyltransferases can transfer the active form of Sialic acid to an acceptor oligosaccharide, which involves intermediate binding to the nucleotide cytidine monophosphate (CMP). The CMP-Sialic acid conjugate generated in this reaction can then be used as a donor substrate.

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